Ola CEO Trolled

Ola CEO Trolled

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently tweeted about Ola accessories

And people as usual gone crazy in the comment section

Usually Bhavish’s tweets get some positive response while mostly are negative

But this time, a guy trolled him brutally.

Upon asking about the scooter accessories one says “Fire Extinguisher”

The troll point out fire extinguisher as the most important accessories

He says it in the reference of an Ola’s electric scooter that caught fire in Pune.

It’s was hilarious

But also tells the mood of the audience regarding EVs

In my opinion this was unnecessary

Just one of their thousand scooters has caught fire. That too 6 months ago.

Ola has learned from their mistakes and improved themselves.

Recently they launched made in India battery.

And we hope no such incident will ever happen again.

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