PMV electric car

PMV electric car

Tata has set the benchmark of cheapest EVs in India

The Tiago EV is one of the most cost effective EV in the globe

But an Indian Startup has made an electric car under 5 lakh.

The PMV electric car is like a compact EV ride for 2 riders

With a battery capacity of 10kWh it gives a decent range

This Bengluru born startup is now in now talked everywhere

We usually don’t see any startup in electric car market

Startups usually don’t have potential to produce and make profits selling E-cars.

It comes with the range of 120-200km range.

It’s priced at 4.75lakh ex-showroom.

It comes with the top speed of 70km/h

It’s given the seating capacity of 2 people.

The makers provided it with an AC fast charger too

Due to its compactness it clocks 0-40 in just 5 sec

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