Ather VS Ola Drag race

Ather VS Ola Drag race

Ather 450X and Ola S1 pro are the only two scooters that people look upto

Even in the EV market, Ola VS Ather shares a healthy rivalry.

Also on Twitter we can see the competition between Ola and Ather fans

But most exciting competition is of drag race.

If we see the technical acceleration of both Ola and Ather

Ather 450X: 0-40 in 3.41, Ola S1 pro: 0-40 in 3 sec

Ather VS Ola in first mode

Ather VS Ola in second mode

Ather VS Ola in Third mode

Clearly we can see Ather has more initial pickup

But in the end Ola wins all the races.

For real world, in my opinion people need more initial pickup.

Both Ola and Ather are the king of the EV market.

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