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About “Move OS 2.0”:

The rollout of Move OS 2.0 has started, and in just a few weeks every Ola in the country will have this OTA update. Ola has made many improvement in this system update. Let find out what are they.

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Cruise Control:

Ola added the cruise control feature in their latest system update, which allows you to ride at a constant speed without worrying about the throttle.

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Now with Move OS 2.0, the interactive display panel will have navigation control too. Made by an Indian company “MapmyIndia” you can navigate to any point in India.

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Music Control:

Now listen to any audio in your Ola scooter by connecting your phone to it. The sound quality is loud but with less bass.

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The Move OS 2.0 enabled users to lock or unlock their scooter from their phone itself. Now no need to enter the passcode or what till it locks by itself.

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Acceleration in eco-mode:

In the previous system of Ola S1 pro, the acceleration was too aggressive even in eco mode, in the recent system update Ola fixed this issue and now the acceleration is smooth.

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Range increment:

Updation in regen breaking, fixing acceleration, working on such aspects the Ola electric achieved to improve its overall range, performance and user’s riding experience.

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