Chandigarh EV policy against ICE vehicles

Chandigarh EV policy against ICE vehicles

From the word EV policy the only thing comes to our mind is incentives.

Chandigarh has gone one step ahead.

It’ll forcefully demoting the ICE vehicles.

It says no ICE vehicle registration after 2 years.

Turn all the government fleets to electric.

Petrol station owners must have a charging point.

Providing one-stop solution to all the stakeholders

It’ll provide huge incentives

Petrol stations are to set up charging points within 6 months.

This will accelerate the EV addoption in India

EV’s like Nexon EV, XUV 400, Ola electric, Ather 450x does need a proper infra.

As Chandigarh is giving a good replacement, demoting ICE vehicles is pretty expectable.

Upcoming EV like Activa electric, Maruti Suzuki EVs, will get benefit from this.

Similar EV policy in other states of India will sky-rocket the EV adoption.

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