Charging Nexon EV with BioGas.

Charging Nexon EV with BioGas.

You may have heard of solar powered EV charging station but this is different.

This charging station is installed by “GPS renewables” at Haji Ali Mumbai.

It’s India’s first biogas powered charging station.

But how does this work? Let’s know.

The bio gas is field into a chamber that converts biogas into electricity.

Now this electricity is used to power the whole charging station.

This charging station at Haji Ali uses 2 tone of organic waste.

Also, fast charging option is available at this station.

This renewable project is called “BioUrja”

Why it isn’t widespread?

Bio gas charging comes with few limitations.

- Regular supply of organic waste,  - High initial investment cost,  - less electricity production, etc.

The limitations comes with every technology but we need to tackle them down if we want to save our mother nature.

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