No matter how much the company brags about the revolution but the winner will always be the one with the most scooters sold.

The EV selling report of June 2022 proved the same point, and the winners were Okinawa and Hero electric with the top 3 positions

Today and in the last few years Okinawa and Hero electric were at the top chart of scooter selling reports.

But both Okinawa and Hero electric always have a cut-through competition.

Both the companies capitalize on two different USP Okinawa on performance and features Hero electric on reliability and affordability.

Both the scooters are good in their own place but you need to be aware of these few key differences between Okinawa and Hero electric

Specifications Differences:

Price and Offering Differences:

So these are the few basic differences in both the scooters now it’s your decision to choose one of both scooters.

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