The Craze of Hydrogen vehicle is raising along with the electric vehicle popularity in India.

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This thing has gone one-step farther when “Nitin Gadkri” reaches parliament in a hydrogen powered car, and addressed about India’s effort on hydrogen vehicles.

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Well hydrogen has many challenges but its advantages over electric vehicles are; Less charging time, less dependency on China, more fuel feasibility, etc.


There are many companies making hydrogen cars in India let’s see their, name, and offerings.


Hyundai Nexo: Range: 666km Motor power: 120kW Price: 64 Lakh INR

Toyota Marai: Range: 550km Motor power: 113kW Price: 60 Lakh INR

Right now these are the only two upcoming hydrogen cars in India.

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What do you think Hydrogen fuel cars are the next disruption in Indian automobile sector.

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