Who is Bilal Ahmad:

Bilal Ahmed is a resident of Srinagar, Kashmir, he has done his engineering in Civil engineering branch but professionally Bilal is a “Mathematics teacher”. He is an enthusiastic person who wants to contribute to the country.

Seed of this innovation

Bilal who built this car has always wanted to create something in renewable energy automobile space. Before this project, he also tried making a hydrogen-powered car but can’t succeed due to budget constraints.

Why solar

Bilal when initiated his “renewable energy automobile” project he tested and failed with Hydrogen, but he find solar as most convenient and budget friendly alternative.

What’s unique:

You may think it as just another solar EV project but believe me this is unique. It’s more cost effective yet give the luxury feel to the rider, technologically advanced, user friendly, and futuristic.

How much cost:

However, in the beginning Bilal didn’t have any experience in this field and he learned from his mistakes but now he’s made it and it costed him nearly 15 lakhs and 9 years.

It’s features:

· Gull wing doors · Solar powered. · Automatic system · Regen. Breaking

Most prominent features:

1. The solar panels are automatically adjustable in the direction of sunrays. 2. Automatic trunk (boot) opening 3. Fully energy efficient 4. Luxury car like gearbox.

When will it launch

Before launching, it’ll need some touchup that’ll require some founding. Un-till now Bilal has applied some juggad and made it cost effective but to go further he’ll need some money.

Don’t you contribute?

You can contribute into Bilal’s journey by sharing this web story and spread the word.

Public Opinion

How do you see this innovation, will it be successful in India or just fall back like other new age startups Please share your opinion

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