Mahindra Raised Funds $500 Million

Mahindra Raised Funds $500 Million

British International Investment will invest $500M in Mahindra.

B.I.I is now interested in Mahindra’s upcoming EV lineup.

Mahindra is a strong contender of the existing monopoly Tata Motors.

Mahindra is bringing XUV 400 to compete with Nexon EV

As Tata has huge upcoming plans for its electric vehicles.

Tata is in the plan to be the one and only monopoly in EV industry.

But Mahindra is now booting up to shatter Tata’s plans.

Mahindra’s funding is a huge indicator of how serious they are in this game.

Tata Raised $1 billion back in 2019 for its EV space

The fight between Mahindra and Tata will be interesting to watch.

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