Mahindra setting up EV charging station

Mahindra setting up EV charging station

Mahindra isn’t too late in the EV party in India. It’s just TATA that’s too early.

Mahindra will enter the EV space with XUV 400 in 2023

But to make sure the future of its electric cars Mahindra is making eco-system

It’s partnered with various companies to make charging stations

Charge Zone with help Mahindra build its EV charging stations

It’s also partnered with Jio-BP for making charging station

Charge Zone is aiming to build 2500+ charging stations in 25cities

In this partnership, companies will install as well as maintain the charging stations

The XUV will be a stong rival of Nexon EV and Tigor EV

By the end of 2026, Mahindra will have 5 EVs in its portfolio

Whereas Tata is ready with its upcoming Punch EV, Curve EV, etc.

Many international brands are also coming like Kia, BYD, Skoda, etc.

This move of Mahindra will help its customers have the right services

The future holds how will win this EV race

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