With the rise of EV market in India, many contenders are participating to capture the market.

Tata has already gone bullish on electric vehicles.

With having 10 electric cars till 2030, Tata is the most anticipated EV brand in India.

However, Maruti Suzuki always look anti EV’s but, Mahindra is raising its bar.

Mahindra on 75th independence day showcased 5 electric cars.

With the grand launch of XUV 400 Mahindra is making space in the heart of EV customers.

But unlike Tata, Mahindra don’t have advantage of a huge charging network.

Tata’s advantage is its unbreakable EV eco-system.

From finance to battery tech. Tata has the capacity to do everything by themselves.

But Mahindra is working to beat this also.

Mahindra is singing MoU and collaborating with various entities to spread their charging station network.

Mahindra introduced a separate platform for building their E-vehicles INGLO.

Mahindra is adding more specs. and features to make it more desirable to their customers.

With this work Mahindra can rise as a powerful competitor of Tata Motors.

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