Move OS 2.0 has solved many problems in the Ola S1 pro electric scooter and added various functionality to the scooter.

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But the story doesn’t end here, Ola announced about their another updated Move OS 3.0 at the time of the Move OS 2.0 launch itself.

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On 16th June Ola’s CEO “Bhavish Aggarwal” exposed the launch date of Move OS 3.0 and its various features.

Move OS 3.0 launch date: The Rollout of Move OS 3.0 will begin from Diwali, 2022.

Move OS 3.0 features:

- Hill Hold - Proximity Unlock - Moods

Move OS 3.0 features:

- Regen V2 - Hypercharging - Calling - Key sharing

It’s really great how Ola is executing next-gen tech in India so early.

Riding this path Ola will surely be and remain the EV market leader in the India

Ola Initially faced many problems with their scooters but with the move OS 2.0 rollout, all the negativity started kind of fading away.

Ola move OS 3.0 will take this journey forward and provide their customers more value.

Ola also building  electric cars.

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