Nexon EV sales August 2022. 

Nexon EV sales August 2022. 

The Tata Nexon EV again emerged as the supreme leader of EV industry with 3500+ e-cars sold.

In the month of August 2022 Tata managed to sell 3845 electric cars.

It’s the highest of all the electric car brands in India.

With a jaw-dropping YOY growth of 276.22% Nexon EV sales is skyrocketing.

However Tata sold more Nexon EV’s in the month of July i.e. 4022.

But the YOY growth is really appreciable to see.

Right now the Tata include 3 electric cars in their portfolio

Nexon EV, Tegor EV, Nexon EV max.

But Tata is planning to launch more and continue ruling the EV industry.

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