Electric vehicles came into a sound existence on Indian roads 3-4 years back.

Looking at the performance of EVs in the Indian market it simply evidenced that EVs will give huge competition to ICE vehicles and will eventually take over the Auto market.

But to execute this transition in the Auto industry government bring various norms/regulations.

The subsidy, norms, and regulations not only supported EV-related businesses but also the customers and skyrocketed the EV demand in India.

Now the latest and most weird update is coming from the government for electric cars specifically.

Electric cars in India must have some sort of sound to alert their fellow drivers and other residents on the road.

Electric car manufacturers must install some sort of speaker system into the car while making them.

However this rule will be executed after approval from the Vehicle rules standing committee.

In government notes nothing is mentioned about the electric 2-Wheelers but soon e-cars will be getting sound.

What about existing cars:

The companies must add an Acoustic alert system to the existing electric cars.

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