Okinawa Okhi 90 Launched - Full Details

Okinawa has a wide portfolio of different electric scooters with various segments.

Okinawa has always topped the monthly EV sales reports.

However this company very frequently has been in the news for EVs catching fire.

But because its products target the mass market and have very deep penetration in the market. Negative news doesn’t majorly impact the sales figures

Its newly launched Okhi 90 has created a healthy sensation in the market, due to its specifications and features

Let’s see the specification of Okinawa Okhi 90:

Okhi 90 colors:

Okinawa Okhi 90 body

Okhi 90 features: - All LED - E-ABS and Regen - Color digital display panel - 40 liter boot space - App connectivity - Side stand sensors - GPS and tracking - Good looking buttons.

Okhi 90 features:

Okhi 90 pre-booking price: 500 INR

Okhi 90 ex-showroom price. 1.22lakh

Okhi 90 Waiting time 3 months

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