The fire incidents impacted severely the sales of famous brands like Ather energy, Ola electric, etc.

Brand like Ola electric and Ather energy does come with a lot of passion and great ambitions but right now, it feels like they are falling apart.

Ather has sold 1100 units of the scooter which is the least ever in their records.

In the previous month Ather sold 3829 scooters and from 3829 to just 1100 scooters is a significant drop.

Ola recorded 3690 sales in the whole of July month whereas in the last month they sold nearly 5800 scooters.

Now let’s talk about the winners of this year.

Hero electric, sold 8474 units with a jump of 2000 units from the previous month.

Till the month of July Hero Electric has sold 52,559 scooter units in 2022 which is the second highest of all the EV companies in India.

Okinawa sold 7,717 units which is nearly 1000 units more than the previous month.

Ampere sold 5980 units which is 1000 less than its previous month.

Last month Ola announced that they’re immune to the supply chain shortage.

But the fire incidents are hunting the most astonishing EV brands of India.

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Your Opinion

What do you think, can be the real reason behind the jaw-dropping reduction in July EV for Ather energy and Ola electric?

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