Ola Battery facility will change the game? Ola '15 Aug' event

On the Independence day event Ola electric surprised Indians with various possibilities and product lines.

Ola first made us imagine how great unfulfilled potentials India has that’s left to be captured.

As a growing economy India has a huge potential left to be capitalized on.

For electric vehicles, the backbone of EVs is the batteries.

Battery is the only driving force of E-vehicles and the one who controls battery controls the E-mobility sector.

So for India to become a global EV leader it has to gain control over batteries.

That’s why Ola is being so aggressive in making 100% Indian EV batteries.

As a part of the initiative. Ola soon starts using these EV cells on their electric scooters.

With these EV batteries, Ola electric scooter will also reduce the scooter price.

To make this plan possible Ola is expanding its factory area.

At the Independence Day event Ola electric revealed that it’ll expand beyond 1000 Acers.

Ola’s battery factory will support India to reduce its imports and grow geopolitically.

According to Ola’s plan, it’ll manufacture 100GWh cell capacity in a year.

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