Ola electric scooter to get cheaper

Ola electric scooter to get cheaper

Ola electric scooter is by far one of the best electric scooters in India.

But after so many cost deductions still it’s highly expensive for most of the customers.

Now if we observe 60% of the vehicle cost goes into its battery, which is imported from other countries.

To tackle this problem and reduce its cost Ola is making its own in-house batteries.

Bhavish Agarwal CEO of Ola electric gave this update on their tweeter handle.

Now the in-house battery will reduce their cost up to 25%.

Right now the Ola S1 pro cost around 1.36 Lakhs.

With Ola’s in-house battery the cost of the will goes down to 1.2 lakhs ex-showroom.

Making batteries in India Ola will get batteries up to 40% lesser cost.

But you’ll need to wait until next year to get the scooter at this price.

Ola is expected to announce their battery production factory on 15 august.

Indigenous cells will also reduce thermal runout cases in the scooters.

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Your opinion.

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