Ola S1, Ola Electric car, Battery Facility Launched.

Ola S1, Ola Electric car, Battery Facility Launched.

Ola electric is one of the greatest electric-2W makers in India.

But now Ola is in the rush to expand its portfolio from just scooters to making li-ion cells and cars.

Yes, you heard it right along with just scooters Ola will also start making better batteries and cars soon.

Today on 15th august Ola reviled many surprises for customers.

Ola is to make India the global leader in electric vehicle market.

Ola electric highly ambitious goal to produce 100GWh battery capacity, 10 million scooters, and 1 million cars.

And obviously, Ola will need to expand its land area to make this possible.

Reveling on this aspect Bhavish Aggarwal said, “Growing across 1000 Acers”

Now let me tell you Ola has its future factory in Tamil Nadu and will be expanding there only.

Bhavish also gave a very logical reason for his efforts in electric vehicle market.

He said in the coming years of our growing economy India will double its automotive markets and triple its pollution if followed by ICE vehicles

To control climate change and reduce pollution, e-vehicles are must.

He showed us the dream of India becoming the global leader in the electric vehicle market with logical steps.

Your Opinion: Do you believe in Bhavish Aggarwal’s highly ambitious dreams, are you interested in Ola electric car.

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