Ola S1 pro fading away

Ola S1 pro fading away

Ola entered the market with its S1 pro E-scooter.

It experienced a lot of bumps and customer clashes

S1 pro drove a wave of negativity toward Ola electric

Ola’s sales were drowning.

After slipping into rank 6 it jumped to rank 1

By launching its S1 electric scooter.

People loved Ola S1 e-scooter.

The sales and booking of Ola again want high.

Now S1 air launched and many people loving it too.

Both S1 air and S1 are out numbering the S1 pro

Despite of having highest range S1 pro failed

After the launch of Move OS 3.0 people are more leaning for S1 and S1 air

It may be the price angle that people love

Last month when Ola electric topped the sales its because of S1.

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