Ola S1 pro price dropped.

Ola S1 pro price dropped.

Ola electric has dropped its price to attract more customers

Now you can book Ola S1 pro for just 1.3 lakh

The price without an offer is 1.4lakhs, i.e. 10,000 cut.

With this price cut S1 pro come to the price it launched initially

In April Ola increased the price of the S1 pro by 10,000 INR

Amid declining sales, Ola has decided to cut its price

In the name of “festival offer” Ola is trying to recapture its lost market.

The month Ola increased its price the decline in Ola sales started by then only

Ola dropped its market by every successive month

It’s expected to regain its lost market back by this strategy.

Unlike its competitor Ather, Ola is losing its market

Last month Ather recorded its best sales

Now Ather is expected to break its last record also

Now, it’s a matter of time, let’s see will Ola win using this strategy

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