Ola S1 Pro has always been in the top 3 positions in the e-scooter sales records form the beginning .

Its competitors have given Ola a tough challenge but sill due to many of its advantages Ola S1 pro managed to be in the top list of the most sold E-scooters in India.

But this year or in the last few months Ola attracted a lot of negative PR in both real-life and virtual channels that are clearly reflected in its sales.

Especially the Ola catching fire incident has severely affected the sales of Ola electric and various other issues in Ola scooter worked as fuel in it.

After that incident Ola has payed a bigger price by losing many of its customers and disappointing present customers.

People suddenly lost faith in the best electric scooter in India and started preferring other electric scooters instead.

However, Ola electric has done a lot to regain its trust but the past is past and their efforts now will reflect in future sales records.

Ola seems to be rebuilt its trust with various events for their customers, OTA updates, and super quick services.

In the June reports of total sold electric scooters Ola slips to 4th rank and is outranked by brands like Okinawa, Hero electric, etc.

Here’s the list of all the top sold electric scooters.

However, it may be highly possible that all the EV brands mentioned about have multiple E-scooter catering to different set of audience and that’s why they were able to sell this much.

But, the main thing to note over here is Ola has sold less scooter then what it has done in previous month.

What is your opinion over this condition of Ola electric does Ola deserve it or its just an agenda?

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