Ola to give EV within 2-3 days of booking

Ola to give EV within 2-3 days of booking

Recently Ola hit the milestone of 1lakh customers in just 10 months

But now Ola is leveling up its game

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted about reducing delivery time

Ola already have one of the lowest delivery time

But Ola want to further reduce it by 2-3 days

Previously Ola would provide EV in just a week

But by next week the company is aiming to deliver hand to hand or within 2-3 days

I’s possible due to its huge factory in Tamil Nadu

Following this plan Ola is planning ramp up by 10 lakh units in a year

Ola is doing what it promised

If it fixes the customer service it can become the great EV makers in India

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