PM Modi on future of electric vehicles. Its Bright

PM Modi on future of electric vehicles. Its Bright

On Sunday when PM was laying the foundation for Maruti’s battery plant.

He talked about the future of electric vehicles in the emerging economy of India.

He appreciated the efforts of many giants and startups for making India EV-friendly.

PM Modi also stated incentives as the catalyst of EV adoption in India.

As the world is right now suffering from supply chain issues.

He said our efforts to strengthen our supply chain would furthermore affect EV adoption.

The work on making in-house EV batteries is a step closer to making India a global EV leader.

Including battery swapping in the budget is another step in making EVs more feasible.

Along with just electric mobility, PM Modi also stressed upon alternative fuels like bioethanol.

Recently Ola electric launched their EV battery.

We made first-ever biogas-powered EV charging station.

Maruti Suzuki floated their plan to launch its first electric car in India.

Established players are now shifting towards all-electric.

PM Modi belief with these baby steps we’ll soon reach the desired plan.

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