Narendra Modi  on First solar Powered Airport in India 

The G7 summit:

This summit is a meeting of 7 most powerful countries on Earth that discuss about various alarming issues like Climate change, geo-politics, etc. However India isn’t a member of G7 countries but invited as special guest.

PM Modi’s speech

In his speech, PM Modi included at-least 3 time (which is a lot) about renewable energy and no fossil fuel energy alternatives.

Why PM promoted it so much

1. Environment cannot handle carbon footprints any more. 2. India has a great potential over renewable energy sources.

India’s first green airport:

PM Modi talk about the most green and clean operated airport in India that is operating at its full potential in Mumbai.

How it works:

The “Chhatrapati Shivaji airport” works on full renewable energy sources and leaves no carbon footprints in environment.

Used energy sources

The Mumbai airport uses solar energy and wind energy for over the clock electricity demands.

India is leading to a green and clean future:

India is bullish on renewable energy right now and it has gained much momentum after Modi Ji’s renewable plans.

Your Opinion:

What’s your take on such huge decisions of our honorable PM Narendra Modi.

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