Top Reasons to buy Ola electric

Top Reasons to buy Ola electric

Are you planning to buy a premium e-scooter?

Or watching out for Ola’s performance in market?

You will find it worth reading, let’s head in.

Ola is delivering scooters from over 7 months.

So they have quite a good experience in e-scooter market.

Ola provides the highest range in its market segment.

Hardware features like boot space, large seat, display panels are also good.

Surface finish and looks are also good.

But it doesn’t have any service center or showroom.

Customer support is arguably the worst in market.

The bump on the footboard is irritating.

There are various pros and cons of Ola’s e-scooter.

If you want a high range at the cost of insecurities, you can go for it.

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