Simple energy and Ola electric launched on the exact same day. With cutthroat competitive specifications, features, and pricing.

But simple energy’s offering were a little too ambitious, and the same were the results. Ola became the best e-scooter and Simple energy has no traces of progress yet.

But the company itself now broke the series of uncertainty with various updates.

In the period of absence simple energy did a lot of work on its design and batteries and now they’re even offering “simple one” electric scooters to auto. media houses for review purposes.

The review of simple one electric scooter will be out on 23rdJuly.

Simple energy will come with dual battery one swappable another fixed, to ensure comfortable charging for apartment residents.

Simple one facelift; Yes it has become the first e-scooter in India that has launched its facelift version before delivering its regular version.

The simple one will get a range of 200 km and facelift will get 252km of range (Real life range).

The ex-showroom price of the scooter is expected to be 1.10 lakh INR

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Will Simple energy bring a better electric scooter than the Ola electric. What are your take on simple one.

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