Government to launch super app for Indian EV owners

Government to launch super app for Indian EV owners

Electric vehicles are backed by the government. No matter how expensive they are, due to government policies e-vehicles have become viable in India.

Various incentives have pushed EV’s to affordability and now they are competing with ICE vehicles.

Now the Indian Government is coming up with a new concept to ease and support EV adoption in India.

Government to introduce a Super App for electric mobility.

This app will be a one-shop-stop for all EV owners in India.

One major challenge this company solving is collecting all the information from the private sector and making it available in the public domain.

The information collection is done by a state-run body (CESL)

Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) will collect all the information about the charging station, service center, etc. to store it all in super app.

This app will help EV owners to access their nearest charging in the quickest possible duration.

What do you think this app will really solve the issues.

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