Tata Electric Mobility acquired Ford's plant

Tata Electric Mobility acquired Ford's plant 

Tata is going real bullish on electric vehicles.

Since they have promised to launch 10 EVs, Tata is investing heavily in electric vehicles.

Now the latest news is of Tata acquiring Ford’s manufacturing plant in Gujrat.

Because Ford has left India, Tata purchased their manufacturing plant to work aggressively on EVs.

As per the deal Tata  will get the land, infrastructure, manufacturing plant machinery, and all the equipment.

This step of Tata has saved many people from going unemployed.

All the ford motors employees will now be transferred to Tata motors.

Tata motors will scale the production from 3lakh per annum to  4.2lakh per annum.

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Your Opinion

Tara's contribution in Indian EV sector, and what do you think of this step

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