How it Started

The previous year has gone real smooth for Tata Motors, one of their electric car (Nexon EV) became the most dominating car in the EV industry. With 80% market capture, they sold more than 30,000 Nexon EV in India.

What went wrong?

This year they were expecting to perform even better, but all of sudden a video of “burning Nexon EV” went viral on twitter and the whole EV industry is on bad light again.

What actually happened:

One fine day a Nexon EV owner in Vasai, Mumbai charging is Nexon EV via slow charging near his work place.

Part 1:

What actually happened:

After driving for nearly 5 km the person hears a “click” sound from somewhere in his car, and the display panel starts showing an alert saying him to “get out of the car”

Part 2:

What actually happened:

The person immediately gets out of the car and spots some smoke coming out of the car and in a few minutes, his Nexon EV turns into a fireball.

Part 3:

EV’s are doubted again?:

Just as Ola bought a wave of negativity towards electric vehicles, the same mob is ignited again with this incident, and the whole EV industry is receiving hate again.

But Its a bit different this time

People this time are relatively more aware and educated now, and they believe that EVs can also catch fire just as I.C.E. vehicles do.

Reaction of Industry leaders:

Tata Motors has more defenders, (however, Ola didn’t have this advantage) instead of overreacting and mocking competitors for their own benefits, the market leader is seeing it as a learning step.

Tweet of Bhavish Aggarwal:

Each word of Bhavish’s tweet spits the reality of Automobiles

Tata motor’s response:

The Tata Motor’s response regarding this incident was fast as a flash. In their tweet, the company also reminded people of their overwhelming success in EV space.

Public opinion:

People were as always offended and criticized EVs again, but the best part is that EV lovers were defending themselves with right arguments and facts.

Your Nexon EV in danger?

No, like c’mon, you can trust on the most prominent car maker in India. Worry not, they got your back.

Will this effect EV sale:

This incident may affect negatively the popularity and image of electric vehicles in the minds of potential EV buyers but the positive impact of EV’s will eventually take over this negativity.

Your Opinion

What are your views on this incident, will Nexon EV remain as most Loaved EV in India

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