The good old Nexon EV is been rebranded to Nexon EV prime to differentiate between Nexon EV max and Nexon EV.

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However not just the name but various features are also changed.

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The Nexon EV prime will come with features like - Cruise Control - Multi-mode regen - TPMS - Smart connectivity - 110-second charging time out

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The internals of the Nexon EV prime left remains the same as Nexon EV, with no changes in that

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Price differences: It costs 20,000 INR more than its previous modal.

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The Nexon EV prime comes in 5 different variants that cost between 14.99 lakh to 17.5 lakh

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What about the existing Nexon EV owners?

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These existing Nexon EV owners will get all the features as an update.

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