Tata has always been proactive in adapting to new technology and changing with time.

But above all Tata’s single ideology has always been to grow with the country.

If you’re following the news, then you must be aware of Tata’s continuous efforts in growing the Indian renewable energy sector.

All the major components used in solar panels are imported from China. To solve this issue Tata built a factory in India to manufacture solar PV modules in India.

Tata built India’s largest solar panel with an installed capacity of 101.6MW.

Now, Tata is on its way to preparing the youth of India for the upcoming renewable energy wave in India.

Adding to the statement Tata power also said that they’ll its aim is to train and employ 5000 youths by 2025.

This initiative will be driven by “The Tata Power skill development institute” which has already trained 1.4 lakh students till now in a verity of fields.

This complete initiative of Tata is focused toward achieving the 50GW renewable energy till 2030 goal of India.

Tata isn’t just focused for just making more and more profits but also to empower the youth of India with knowledge.

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