In the beginning

Tesla was the greatest and most sold electric vehicle brand globally. Defeating the most successful old school brand like, Ford, Toyota, etc. Tesla got at the top in a very short span of time.

They Expanded

Not limiting their potential just in Europe they successfully expanded to various other countries like, China, and Middle East.

Sold many cars

Being present in various countries, Tesla managed to sell as many cars as they could at their full potential with a unique USP of self-driving car feature.

Didn’t last long

Tesla did literally everything to penetrate electric vehicles in the market but for some reason they failed to make a safe and user-friendly hardware of the car.

Problems with Tesla

Majority of people who bought Tesla are not satisfied with its build quality and very frequently facing issues with the car.

Tesla catching Fire

Tesla electric car catching fire cases have become very common, now some arguments may say “Tesla is the most sold car, so naturally, it’ll have most problems” but the ‘PP100’ (problem per 100 car) is high for Tesla it's 226PP100.

Ranking of electric cars:

In the top 10 list, Tesla secured 7th rank this year and top three ranks are secured by “Buike”, “Dodge”, “Chevrolet”.

How these are ranked

The rankings are decided by a survey conducted by “JD power” every year by capturing lot of data from surviving people.

Your Opinion:

What do you think, is Tesla an actual failure or it's just a temporary hype of defamation of Tesla, what is your take on Tesla Catching fire.

Thank You

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