The only way for mass Electrification in India

A station where an EV can replace its full sucked battery and get a charged one is the only solution to have mass electrification in India.

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However no country on the planet is able to do that, not even China. But India has the potential and various advantage to achieve that.

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Various ambitious startups are putting their blood and sweat to make such stations in India.

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But why this technology couldn’t make it till mainstream yet? Let’s see what are the challenges

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Battery Swap Challenges

a. No standardization in battery. b. No transparency in battery quality. c. Very high upfront cost with relatively less returns.

Battery Swap Challenges

d. Charging must be done through renewable energy source. e. Battery swapping for heavy electric mobility.

Battery swapping for electric car

Electric car battery swapping is the most challenging task however the progressive steps of businesses and government is making it possible.

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What’s your stand on battery swapping technology, where India is still lagging. Please share your opinion.

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