Top 5 costliest Electric Scooters in India. 

E-scooters are usually very costly then ICE scooters.

But what do you think would be the most costliest e-scooter in India?

No, it isn’t from Ola, Ather, or Bajaj.

You will be shocked knowing the costliest electric scooters in India.

Let’s see the list of top 5 costliest E-scooters in India

Price: 1.25 lakh

5. TVS IQube ST

Price: 1.3 lakh

4. Ola S1 pro

Price: 1.4 lakh

3. Bajaj Chetak

Price: 1.55 lakh

2. Ather 450X

Price: 1.81 lakh

1. Okinawa Okhi 90

Yes Okinawa has the costliest electric scooter in India

The company is often accused of misusing government policy

Okinawa mostly import its electric scooters from Chinese market

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