Top 7 budget electric scooters in India.

Top 7 budget electric scooters in India.

There’s a huge market for budget electric scooters

But the problem is, many of them are of cheap quality.

So today we’ll see the best electric scooters at affordable prices.

1. Hero Atria Price – 77,767 INR

Hero has many low price scooters but Atria is the best among them.

2. Pure EV Etrance+ Price – 76,999 INR

It has good features and the company has done a good job on the display panel

3. Bounce Infinity Price – 70,499 INR

It has multiple plans and price varying from 45k-75k

4. Deltic Drixx Price – 55,490 INR

5. Kinetic Green Zing Price – 71,500 INR

So, these are the best electric scooters in an affordable range

You can look these electric scooters before buying

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