5 things that make Ultraviolette F77 so expensive

Ultraviolette F77 is a premium electric motorcycle

Its price starts from 3 lakhs and goes up to 5 lakhs

It becomes the most expensive electric bike in India

But 5 lakhs for F77 is justifiable with features and range that it got

Here’re the 5 things that make it so expensive


1. Range

It’s the highest range offering in India

1. Range

A beast packed with fashion

2. Design

10kWh highest in the country

3. Battery pack

Mounted on center-of-mass of bike the biggest E-bike battery in India

3. Battery pack

Bluetooth, internet connectivity, etc.

4. Features

It’s a fully connected bike with great features and user assist

4. Features

5. Premium ingredients:

5. Premium ingredients:

From chain to chases, from the battery to motor everything used is premium

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