Updated EV policy

Updated EV policy

UP is one of the most subsidized states for e- vehicles.

In fact it’s the highest EV-selling state in India.

Yogi government has updated its EV policy again.

Here are the top 7 points to know about it

1. EV 2-Wheelers to get price cut up to 5000 ex-showroom price.

2. 100% registration fee and tax exemption on any EV.

3. First 50,000 EV 3-Wheelers to cost cut upto 12,000

4. Cost cut upto 100,000 for first 25,000 electric cars

5. Upto 20lakh cost cut for first 400 electric buses

6. It can generate 10lakh jobs

7. A total of 30k crores is to be invested

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