Upcoming BMW electric scooter in India – Details

CE-04 one of the electric scooters from BMW is about to be launched in the Indian market.

This German electric scooter is a luxury segment EV with great features and an expensive price tag.

This scooter will be launched as a CBU (Completely built unit) in India.

The CE-04 has a price tag of $11,700 (9.3lakh INR) in Europe.

But due to high taxes on importing CBU vehicles in India, it’ll cost up to 14 lakhs in India.

The BMW CE-04 will be the first luxury electric scooter in India.

The CE-04 is actually launched in 2021 in Europe and it’s been their most successful e-scooters yet, and that’s why they’re launching it in various other countries.

However there’s no firm date on the launch yet.

This scooter has a sporty and edgy look with great engineering done to it.

It’s a complete package of all the latest features and a 120km/h top speed with a 124km driving range.

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