VIDA V1 Pro VS Ather 450X

VIDA V1 Pro VS Ather 450X

VIDA E-scooter and Ather are priced more or less the same

Near 1.5lakh we have Ather 450DX and VIDA e-scooter

To choose the right EV here’s the comparison between both the e-scooters

Battery capacity: Ather 450X – 3.7kWh VIDA V1 pro – 3.95kWh

Range: Ather 450X – 116km VIDA V1 pro – 165km

Battery type Ather 450X – non-removable VIDA V1 pro – Removable

Charging time Ather 450X – 5-6hour Vida V1 pro – 5-6 hours

Top speed: Ather 450X – 80km/h Vida V1 pro – 80km/h

Price: Ather – 1.5 lakh Vida V1 pro – 1.59 lakh

So this was the key comparison between both the scooters

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