Why Tata is unbeatable in EV market? 

Why Tata is unbeatable in EV market? 

Tata is the King of electric vehicles in India

Initially it had the early entry advantage.

But many companies like Mahindra, and Maruti Suzuki announced launching EVs.

Still according to my calculations Tata will remain king of the EV market.

Here’s the full explanation.

Tata has the access to all the essentials for EVs at a lower cost.

Unlike others, Tata has an empire of all the core components.

Companies like, Tata Steel, Chemical, Elaxi, TCS, etc. help Tata make EVs for lower cost.

Batteries from Tata Chemical, Chases from Tata Steel, Technology from Tata Elaxi, and so far.

Tata has in-house Availability of all the essentials required for electric vehicles.

Also, Tata is to have a total of 10 electric cars till the end of this 2030

It means Tata will have an electric car for every market segment.

In general to break the competition one has to find the gaps in the market.

But Tata is filling all of them by working rigorously on electric vehicles.

This makes them truly unbeatable in electric vehicles market.

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