400 km in Leh with e-scooter.

400 km in Leh with e-scooter.

A Delhi engineer drives the e-scooter to Leh to show the powerhouse of the EV.

Abhishek Dwivedi, a mechanical engineer, takes a 400km journey

From Manali to Leh

tired of hearing about people saying to the Evs “you have to compromise on quality and efficiency”

Showcasing the power house and efficiency of the evs and changing peoples mind

To prove people wrong and change their minds, he takes the step in

"EVs can be as exciting as any other adventure bike,” he tells The Better India.

On July 7, he left his Manali office on Ev with a top speed of 25 kmps

They also have a startup called EVeez

For people with a low income, EVeez can be helpful

Eveez partnered with Uber, Zomato, etc

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