Australia will grow EV adoption 

Australia will grow EV adoption 

Australia is planning to introduce new electric vehicle regulations to widespread its adoption.

For now the EV penetration in Australia is just 2%.

And the govt. there is worried about climate change and the increasing population.

The energy minister said, they’re one of the few countries that have no standard fuel efficiency standards.

According to them it’s more about policy setting that’s resisting them to take bold decisions in favor of EV adoption.

But finally the government will release a discussion paper with various steps to improve EV adoption.

The paper will talk about improving affordability, EV uptakes, fuel efficiency, etc.

Now the current govt. is strongly opposing dirty politics and promoting EV adoption.

Along with just EV adoption the Govt. is also focusing on reducing carbon emission.

These efforts of the government will definitely help reduce the global carbon emission and inspire other countries.

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