Ola electric will beat Tesla?

On the occasion of 75th Independence day, Ola gave a beautiful gift to us Indians.

Ola unveiled a complete logical roadmap for India to become a global leader in electric vehicles

After launching India’s best electric scooter Ola is super immune to expanding its boundaries.

Now Ola is working to build a self-sustainable backbone for electric vehicles here in India.

Ola will enter the battery market to manufacture high-quality EV cells instead of depending on other countries.

After electric scooters Ola will start making world-class electric cars.

It’s highly expected Ola will target their cars at a global level instead of limiting them in India.

Global EV leaders like Tesla, Volkswagen, BYD, Lucid motors, etc. will face Ola’s challenge.

As India is a price-sensitive market and luxury car penetration is very low, Ola may suffer from selling a high-end e-car in India.

Bhavish is in full mood to take the Indian EV market to a global level.

A few months back when musk tweeted about the high taxations in India, Bhavish Aggarwal’s savage reply made the headlines.

Bhavish replied “Thanks, but no thanks” after this statement itself many EV enthusiasts speculated about an electric car from Ola electric.

But now the speculation has turned into reality and Ola electric car is coming to break the global monopoly of Tesla.

Well the most predominant reason of Tesla’s success is the charging station and we need to see how Ola works upon it.

Will India reach the global level in the electric vehicle industry? Is Ola’s future is really green just like their vehicles?

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