EV trend has become so huge that even huge stars can’t resist themselves from having one.

Recently Mercedes showcased one of its electric car, “EQS EV”

And as expected it got a huge response from the audience.

At the event, Kareena Kapoor was invited as a chief guest, and her reaction was crazy.

She directly confronted having an EQS in her garage.

The modern design combined with classy looks made them unable to resist buying the EVs

This shows the craze for EV's among the people.

It seems like the future for the EV industry is really bright.

The majority of Indians are now taking EV’s seriously.

This EV revolution is creating more opportunities in the market.

Not just Kareena, but many other Indian Actors own various e-mobilities.

Mahesh Babu owns an Audi e-Tron

Ritesh Deshmukh owns Tesla

Sachin Tendulkar owns BMW i8

Now the revolution has started and EV’s have stared gatting the same fame as ICE vehicles.

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