Charging stations are the heart of the EV revolution in any country.

And it isn’t just the number of charging stations it’s their quality also.

A person putting more than 16 lakh on an EV than he/she must expect a sound charging eco-system.

But fortunately in India, we have seen dramatic raise in EV charging stations.

But still they aren’t enough raised enough.

Still many EV owners stay with the anxiety of getting a vacant charging point.

Tata power is doing unimaginably good in this field but other companies need to do their part.

Till date we have almost 1.8k charging stations in India.

But to achieve our EV target till 2030 we’ll have to setup almost 46000 charging stations.

46,000 is a great number even the whole America has over 48000 charging stations.

India need to do real work on the electric vehicles eco-system, from charging stations to spare parts.

The Indian EV customers must access to every fecality.

Also the Bad condition charging station plague is infecting the ecosystem we’ll talk about it some other time.

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