Why tech companies making electric cars?

Why tech companies making electric cars?

In recent times you must have heard of many tech companies heading to make electric cars.

The question is why, what’s the relation between electric vehicles and tech companies, let’s understand this.

First of all we need to understand the mobility sector is gonna change completely very soon.

And EVs are the beginning right now, Hydrogen, and ethanol fuel is yet to come.

Now if you see it from this angle it’ll make sense to you.

Electronic tech companies often deal with similar components required in an electronic vehicle.

Now all they need is just a battery supplier and companies like, Sony, Apple, and Xiaomi are good to build their own vehicle.

Along with that the smartphone makers can connect their own brand’s electric car more feasibly.

So now the question is why they shouldn’t join the EV race.

Now you may ask will they be successful?

Very less chances, and along with an EV you need a proper ecosystem for EV’s to win.

And if they be successful their’s a long way.

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