Delhi is making EV charging stations Every 3 km

Delhi is making EV charging stations Every 3 km

The EV revolution has taken off exponentially in India.

This has opened various opportunities for many companies and startups.

Tata motors, Ather, Ola electric, etc. have multiplied their business overnight due to this EV revolution

But now, to take this revolution any further, we need a proper ecosystem.

To reduce range anxiety the only solution we have is the charging station.

Now after the EV boom we’re most likely to see the charging station boom.

Many companies and state governments are working aggressively to build the best ecosystem in their state.

Right now Delhi has 573 operating charging stations.

Along with just charging stations, Delhi has a considerable no of battery swapping stations.

One of the most prominent reasons that are holding back EV success is range anxiety.

More charging stations can ensure EV owners commute any distance with no worry.

This boom can really increase EV adoption in India.

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