Govt. to impose fine on EV makers for fire catching incidents 

Govt. to impose fine on EV makers for fire catching incidents 

Electric vehicles catching fire incidents were like a nightmare for the electric vehicles industry.

Majorly when brands like Ola electric, Okinawa, and Tata motors caught fire the wave of negativity came towards EV industry.

But the government without showing any delay, quickly acted upon these incidents.

Government immediately ordered DRDO to look upon these fire-catching incidents.

Recently DRDO released their reports that showed poor batteries as the reason behind all the issues.

Now the government is in the mood to take strict action against such E-scooter makers.

At the same time government is concerned about the freshness of the industry.

Government is also considering the fact that in starting an industry many make some mistakes.

But they also know that if no regulation or penalties are imposed, EV makers will never fix it.

The companies like Ola electric, Okinawa, Pure EV, etc. have replied to the show-cause notice sent by govt.

The companies believe as the EV industry is in a nascent stage right now penalties will kill them

Companies are working on batteries and they will recover it.

But if the issues remain the same government has to take severe action.

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